Scott has traveled to various ski patrol huts to photograph some of United States finest trained Avalanche Rescue Dogs.  The dog kisses are an added bonus of the job.
These dogs, also known as “Avy Dogs”, are crucial members of the Ski Patrol teams. They are playful, intelligent, strong, and can search 2.5 acres in 30 minutes (while 20 humans using avalanche probes take around 4 hours).  In an effort to raise awareness of their life-saving work, Scott has devoted his time and energy in capturing these heart-melting pups in action. A portion of the profits are return to the programs in need for further training.
The calendar contains thirteen (13) brilliantly colored images of these Avy Dogs printed on heavy card stock spiral bound. With each images has an accompanied story. Printed in U.S.A $19.99

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